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We offer a free hotel accommodation tour in the city center of Alanya, where our customers can see all the properties they are interested in and choose the most suitable option for them. The tour will last 3 days. During this time, we will have time to show you all the profitable offers in the real estate market, introduce you to the districts, conduct a promotional tour. If you decide to make a purchase, our agent will fully cover the costs associated with the information and information tour (3 days stay at the hotel and two-way transfer). If you didn\'t choose that perfect house for yourself, you pay everything yourself for the discovery tour (three-day stay and two transfers).
To arrange a free trial tour, our services include:
A meeting with a transfer to a comfortable hotel room in the city center of Alanya.
Comprehensive consultancy on financial, legal and other issues related to the Turkish housing market.
Detailed view of the selected objects, where you can make the final selection without rushing.

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